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NRI Admission 2023

2023-24 B.Sc. Nursing Admission Closed

                                                                                                   NRI   Details



According to Government Order GO (MS) NO. 243/2014/H & FWD dated 06/08/2014 An applicant, who depends upon his/her Father/ Mother/ Brothers and Sisters (inclusive of first cousins)/ Husband/ Wife/ Brothers and Sisters (inclusive of first cousins) of Father or Mother/ Half Brother/ Half Sister/Adopted Father or Adopted Mother working abroad.” will only be eligible to apply in the NRI category seats.


Copy of the following documents duly attested to prove the NRI status of the relative and his/her relationship with the applicant shall be submitted along with application:

i.       Employment certificate from the employer duly attested by the concerned embassy OR If self-employed, a statement to that effect duly attested by the concerned embassy.

ii.      Copy of the relevant pages of the passport containing currently valid visa details duly attested by the concerned embassy.

iii.     An affidavit/declaration by the NRI relative                                                                                           .The Candidate shall produce the sworn affidavit from the sponsor in a stamp paper worth Rs. 200/-. The same shall also be notarized by the Notary Public, disclosing that the student is dependent of the sponsor and the all expenses i.e. tuition fee and special fee, of the candidate for the entire course period will be borne by the sponsor.

iv.    Certificate from the village officer / revenue authorities to prove the relationship between the candidate & NRI relative.

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